Our Belt structure is similar to most Japanese Martial Arts. The difference would be the depth of knowledge our students aquire in each belt. Every level includes techniques and exercises pertaining to the complete fighting realm. That is to say that in all levels you will learn stand up striking, kicking, evasion, defences, counters, stand up grappling and ground fighting. Also from the Blue belt onwards you will include weaponry in your training. Meditation and breathing exercises also make up a part of every syllabus. We are not a specialized system that focuses on one or two aspects of combat like most arts. We strive to produce versitile martial artist that can handle any situation, standing up or on the ground, armed or unarmed, one attacker or multiple. Even more important than that is producing balanced, awake and happy members of society that can help the world be a better place. Here is the order of belts and their respective titles.

 White Belt / Mu Kaiin
Yellow Belt / Kaiin

Orange Belt / Nencho Kaiin
Green Belt / Genin
Blue Belt / Nencho Genin
Red Belt / Chunin
Purple Belt / Nencho Chunin
Brown Belt / Jonin
Brown Belt - Black Tip / Nencho Jonin
1ST Dan / Renshi
2ND Dan / Kyoshi
3RD Dan / Hanshi
Note: The term Sensei is not used to denote rank. It is an Honorific Title that can be awarded for a senior instructor any time after the Shodan.  The kanji means "First Born" which indicates years of experience and wisdom, not just knowledge of a particular syllabus.