There is one word to sum up modern man’s current state.“STRESSED!” With the pace of modern life and the demand to keep up ever present, the simple and natural process of meditating becomes a necessity.
Zen Meditation emphasizes a direct experience of reality,
as it is, in this moment, not as we would like it to be. Most of our inner tension comes from a mindset of constant Desire and Aversion, always either wanting something that is "not", or resisting something that "is". Living in this state we experience frustration after frustration. The problem however is not with life itself, but our distorted perception of things. Our very turbulent and everchanging mind becomes the filter through which we see life. This never ending stream of thoughts become our "false, conditioned reality". When we transcend this state and reach a point of “open acceptance” we feel a peace we never felt before. Freed from the limitting, fragmenting habit of compulsive thinking we are able to be at peace with life, with events, with others.
In Zen there is no special doctrine, philosophy, creed, or fixed beliefs. Its  simplicity is its beauty.
With practice we all can live in the moment, free from the nagging thoughts of our own mind, until life itself becomes a little easier, lighter, more joyful. We learn to let go of past and future and start to actually live life now - where else can life be lived?
The meditation aspect is incorparated into the students training.
Usually the sessions take the form of a discourse. That is to say a detailed talk about a certain meditational topic. These talks are not designed as a lecture but more as a guided meditation. Members are encouraged to sit and allow the talk to guide them to a different level of consciousness- to awaken. This means to enter a realm of consciousness free from the conditioned, thinking mind. Behind our many anxious and repetitive thoughts is an ocean of awareness. This pure, calm presence is our "real self" not the conditioned "egoic mind" that we think we are. To transcend the egoic state is the essence of these sessions.
Here is a taste of the topics we cover in these sessions.
Thought vs Presence
The false "ego" consciousness
The thought - emotion cycle
Being vs Doing
Non-Resistance in combat and in life
Being Present rather than being reactive
The conditioned mind vs pure mind
The subtle mind vs coarse mind
Form vs Emptiness
Pain control
Buddhist, Taoist and Zen Philosophy
Diet for balance and well being
Meditative stretching
Moving meditation
Meditative postures
Breathing exercises
Meditation for healing and rejuvenation
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