A highly neglected part of martial arts training is often the physical conditioning and fitness aspect.
What use are fancy skills if you don’t have the fitness or stamina to last the distance?
Our kick boxing for fitness classes are a serious workout that will help lose weight, get fit and develop usable skills for every day self defense.
The workout starts with a warm up and cardio session to burn fat and tone muscle.
Then you go through a series of kick boxing drills that develop speed, co-ordination and power to deliver knockout punches and kicks.
Make no mistake. This isn’t a dance routine that moves to music pretending to do kicks and punches in the air.
You will learn to use punch bags, strike shields, focus mitts and traditional makiwaras (Striking pads) to train accuracy and distancing.
We believe exercise should always be fun so we often include functional fitness like rope climbing, ground and pound drills, foot work and free running (Parkour), yoga and military style circuits.
Every session is different so forget being bored!!!

Finish your workout with a calming stretching session where you will learn breathing techniques that relax and release tensions from your body.