Teaching our kids the value of martial arts training is a personal goal of Sensei Phil. Having spent the last 25 years teaching kids this rich art has allowed him to see the benefits of keeping tomorrow’s adults fit and healthy, focused and balanced in their lives.
4-10 Years
Our little kids class is an absolute blast!
This is a great intro to martial arts and will give them skills for life.
For the very young ones, learning "how to train" is the most important thing. Focus, discipline and ability to learn are emphasised.
The classes are well structured, with regular Mokuso "Quiet Sitting" so they learn the benefits of balance; sometimes being active and sometimes passive.
All the basic skills are taught such as balanced stances, strong defensive guard, blocking, punching, kicking and grappling skills.
The basic etiquettes of traditional training are also very important, making the students realize the importance of respect toward others as well as themselves. Each class starts and ends with a formal bow and all training with partners includes a standing bow before and after.
There are no gradings for the very young ones however they do receive coloured stripes on their belts when they have shown real progress.
"As a full time martial artist I simply love teaching people this art. My time spent sharing this art with very young people is especially rewarding, as their is an innocence and enthusiasm that is lost with age. These young people keep me seeing the art from young eyes and for that i am grateful."
Sensei Phil
8-14 Years (Juniors)
Similar to the Little kid's, these classes take the student through many practical aspects of martial art training. The main difference is that for this age group there is a set curriculum that is taught and then tested.
Students in these classes can progress through the coloured belts right through to the Junior Black Belt.
The first 3 belts take the student through many self defence techniques, both standing up and also on the ground to allow them to understand their bodies better and to learn "how to train".
Once they understand the basics well they will learn to spar and apply their techniques in a random situation, where they have a resisting opponent. This phase is essential if the taught skills are able to be applied in a real confrontation.
Also as they progress through the higher belts they will study weaponry training.. Learning to defend themselves from various weapons brings seriousness to their training, teaching them how to respect dangerous objects.
All weapons used are "Safety" versions, such as wooden swords or light cane staffs.
Like all classes in our school, the mind is not left out. The classes are well structured, with regular Mokuso "Quiet Sitting" so they learn the benefits of balance; sometimes being active and sometimes passive. We encourage strong moral development and guide the young ones toward having the confidence to be the best they can be at all aspects of life.  
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