Phil Holt
San Dan Black Belt
Master Instructor
Phil Holt was born in Perth in 1976.
Phil started his martial arts training when he was 17 years old.
As a personal student of Shihan John Ang he spent 13 years learning the Japanese art of Taijutsu. His training during this period was full time, being in the dojo 5 days a week for 4-5 hours a day. His passion for the art and his enthusiasm for the training allowed him to grow steadily through the ranks until grading for his Black Belt in 2002.
For a further 6 years Phil studied the Nidan syllabus as well as opening up to other styles and arts. Investigating other arts like Boxing, Kickboxing, Aikido, Brazilian ju jutsu,  Judo, Koryu Jujutsu, Iaido, Kenjutsu and Goju Karate gave Phil a more holistic view of the martial arts.
 Also during this time Phil studied as an apprentice instructor and achieved the level of “Fully Licensed Instructor”.  In 2004 Phil was awarded the honorific title of Sensei.
On July 10 2006 Phil moved to Busselton where he started his own independant Dojo, naming his style of Taijutsu, “Bukido Taijutsu”.
The school quickly grew to be Busselton’s premier full time martial arts training centre.
At this same time Sensei Phil became an accredited martial arts instructor through the "Martial Arts Industry Association", the peak governing body for martial arts in Australia.
Sensei Phil has also taught the art at Busselton Senior High School, Georgiana Molloy, St Mary MacKillop and Busselton Primary School as well as running the “Active After School” programs.
Teaching our kids the value of martial arts training is a personal goal of Sensei Phil. "Having spent the last 27 years teaching kids this rich art has allowed me to see the benefits of keeping tomorrow’s adults fit, healthy, focused and balanced in their lives." (All instructors at “Bukido Taijutsu” have a Working with Children Check Card.)
Although not a competitive martial artist, in August 2007 Phil tried his hand at Mixed Martial Arts fighting and entered a competition in Perth. Phil won the fight in the first round by submission.
Also in 2007 Phil travelled extensively in Japan to get an insight into the origins of his art. Training in Taijutsu as well as many other styles of “Budo” deepened his experience of Japanese Martial Arts. Whilst in Japan Phil visited many Zen Temples and Monasteries to further develop himself spiritually.   
In October 2009, after more than 16 years full time study, Sensei Phil graded for the San Dan, Master Level. Phil had to demonstrate mastery of unarmed fighting techniques, many various weapons and meditation techniques to a panel of 3 Mixed Martial Arts Masters, headed by Kyoshi Justin Boylan (8th Dan).
"As a full time professional martial artist it is my life’s work and passion, to further refine and develop this art which has changed my life. In my opinion, there is no other thing in our society that can do for you what this art can do. The essence of the art is to transform ourselves out of our anxious, troubled state and develop ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually, so we can realize our full potential. To live an awake, happy and harmonious life is the highest goal of Bukido Taijutsu.”
Sensei Phil