Self Defence For Everyone
Welcome to the Busselton Martial Arts Dojo of Bukido Taijutsu.
Taijutsu is one of the oldest of Japanese fighting arts and can be translated to “body skills” or “body potential”. This art is what was known in ancient times as a Sogo Bujutsu, meaning it is a composite school teaching a wide variety of aspects of martial art training. In this school you will learn all aspects of unarmed combat including a huge selection of kicks and strikes, avoids and blocks, joint locks, throws, chokes, takedowns, ground fighting, submissions as well as footwork, mobility and multiple opponent strategies.  Over time you will develop a very high level of fitness and general well being.
Once you have learned all the basic techniques in the first three levels you will start sparring to learn how to apply the techniques in a more realistic and random manner. At no time in this art will you train in set patterns, or “kata”. The training is very progressive and allows the student to grow at their own pace.
Because we run a full time center, each rank level have their own training sessions throughout the week. All adult classes are broken into small groups, so you only train with people of the same level.
As for the weaponry aspect of the art, you will also master a wide range of weapons including the Japanese swords, knives, wooden staffs, chained weapons, throwing knives, spears and the Okinawa weapons such as the Sai, Kama and Tonfa.
Bukido is a term that refers to the personal development of the actual practitioner.
Literally translated as The Way Of Fighting Spirit” Bukido includes the meditational aspects of the art.
In high pressure situations, when strong action is needed, techniques alone are not enough. Self doubt and turbulent emotions will work against you. One must have a clear mind and a strong fighting spirit.
In this way the Art becomes a way of life.  
The calm awareness and mental composure that you develop in the training then carries into your daily life.  You live in a more conscious state and see things more clearly. There is a certain quality to your actions because you're present, in the moment, rather than lost in thought. Everything you do will be both better quality and more enjoyable as you are now at one with the activity. This is called "awakening" and is the essence of the art.  
(For more information on the philosophy of Bukido Meditation, click here).